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Event Highlights

AI for Economic Development 2018

Keynote Address & Framing Remarks


Framing Remarks

Tom Kalil, Chief Innovation Officer, Schmidt Futures

Fighting Poverty with Data

Josh Blumenstock, Assistant Professor/Director of Data-Intensive Development Lab, UC Berkeley

Machine Learning and Causal Interference

Susan Athey, Professor of Economics, Stanford University

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AI to Address Governance

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Transport and Urbanization

Mapping Urban Land Cover: A Machine Learning Approach Using Landsat and Nighttime Lights

Ran Goldblatt, Postdoctoral Researcher & Lecturer, UC San Diego

Exploring Spatiotemporal Patterns in Hurricane Evacuation Using Crowdsourced Location Updates

Scott Farley, Engineer, Mapbox

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Tracking Poverty, Targeting Development

The Promise and Limits of AI in Predicting Successful Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

David McKenzie, Lead Economist, World Bank

Using Satellite Imagery Analysis to Improve Global Food Security

Daniela Moody, Staff Scientist/Government R&D Lead, Descartes Labs

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Ethics Panel


The Ethics and Risks of AI for Development

Florence Kondylis, Senior Economist, World Bank; Aubra Anthony, Senior Data Advisor, USAID; Moorea Brega, VP Data Science, Premise; Stefano Ermon, Assistant Professor, Stanford University

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Lightning Talks

Analyzing Conflict From Space: Identifcation of Physical Destruction During the Syrian Civil War

Jonathan Hersh, Assistant Professor, Chapman University

Ads to Ag: Assessing the effectiveness of targeted SMS messages to promote input adoption for rural farmers in East Africa.

Robert On, PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley

High tech analysis of a low-tech product. Precision Agriculture for Development

Ofir Reich, Data Scientist, CEGA/UC Berkeley

Identifying the Predictors of Resilience, A Case Study From Malawi

Erwin Knippenberg, PhD Candidate, Cornell University